The AW mission is to honor martyred and empower disabled warriors co-incident to their service on or after the April 2016 Artsakh War. You have served with honor, and it is now our turn to serve you.
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We have the power to change warriors’ lives, whether your donation is big or small, it will make a positive impact. We direct every cent of your donation to helping a warrior or a martyred warriors family achieve their goals.

A Brother Remembers His Fallen Sibling - The Story of the Gasparyan Brothers - CIVILNET

U.S. Congress to Call on Azerbaijan To Release Armenian Hostages – USC Institute of Armenian Studies.

AW is here to provide our warriors a facility at no cost or discounted rates and assist with start-up costs associated with a new business. We will purchase lands in Armenian cities and build a mixed use—office & retail structures to accomplish AW’s mission.

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